A Call to Arms

To the Nation, the Alliance, and all its Allies.

Some of you came together when this Sept planted the first Seed Shard. Some of you have been here and helped since, protecting it, learning from our ways, and watching this Seed grow. Some of us have come to you to help with your plantings, with your growth, or with moving your Hearts to safety when they were threatened. 

This unity is where our true strength lies. This is what keeps us fighting and this will be how we overcome those who would see the world destroyed or remade.

To those of you with the strength and heart to spare, we ask you to come to the Sept of Hope’s Rebirth. While we may be in one of the wildest reaches of these lands, there is still always the threat of the Wyrm. A Hive has taken root and we mean to tear this blight from the land.

We will give those of you who can come two weeks to make your way to our Waystation. The bearer of these words knows the place and can direct you. Gather with us on the night of Friday, May 7th if you can. We will take the measure of our forces and theirs, and when the new day dawns we will strike a victory for Gaia and Balance.

Warriors, Poets, Healers, Crafters, all will be welcome. There will be much to do before and after the fighting. 

Sept of Hope’s Rebirth

Colville National Forest, Washington


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The message comes by Silent Strider, by Corax, by spirits. But it finds your Sept, your Pack, your Totem.

“We fought for this land. We fought to keep it green, to keep it safe, to keep the balance between humanity and Gaia. We will not let the Wyrm have even an inch. Not here.”

Cian McLachlan, Fianna, Homid, Athro, Ahroun
Wyrmfoe, Sept of Hope’s Rebirth


Event Schedule

11:30 pm – 2:00 am
Central Time

Sept of Hope’s Rebirth Waystation

Social Game

Before any fight there must be the gathering of warriors, healers, spies, technicians. Join together at the Sept of Hope’s Rebirth. There the Sept Leadership will detail what is known and what is unknown, and with any luck you will sort out that second part before the fight is joined.
(Social RP, Quests, Investigation, NPC Interaction)


2:00 pm –
6:00 pm
Central Time

Kettle Falls, WA

Full Game

The day dawns with the sound of battle. All the previous night’s preparation comes to this. Teams of warriors descend into the Hive while others support them.
(CvE, Investigation)


There is always more to do before a Dive than warriors realize.

Hive Dive Preparation

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