When you pull too hard the rope begins to break…


“Anybody can become angry, that is easy;
but to be angry with the right person,
and to the right degree,
and at the right time,
and for the right purpose,
and in the right way,
that is not within everybody’s power,
that is not easy. “

In 2011 it began with a rumor…

New Year's Day, 2011. A stranger appears with a message that goes unheard.
July 4, 2012. Many of our kinfolk and number of Glasswalkers vanish.

In 2012 it escalated to a fact.

We’ve been dealing with the fallout ever since

We've moved our caerns out of the Weaver's deepest influence. The Garou welcomed their kinfolk into the Nation.
We're still learning what this means. The reach the Weaver has achieved. But we are still here. And we will fight.

We are apart now.
But very soon… that will change